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Every week, it's fun and games and all-things-horror: Killer Interviews, Current Events, and Dirty-Little "behind the scenes” secrets of your favorite films. Exclusive interviews with actors, directors, and anyone else we can get our hands on! Weekly contests give interactive listeners the chance to win "Horror Freak Of The Week" and get FREE GEAR. All you Horror Freaks have to do is sit back and relax while you enjoy the games, the gossip and the giveaways. *WARNING: Listener discretion advised.

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The Cult Classic Horror Show

Episode 237: Interview w/ Actor Julian Sands (Warlock, Rose Red)

Join us as we interview Julian Sands about his newest film A Nasty Piece of Work, the latest installment of Hulu/Blumhouse's Into The Dark. Watch it NOW on Hulu!

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Episode 236: Halloween vs Halloween vs Halloween

Join us as we each takes sides and argue which Halloween movie is better: Halloween (1978), Halloween (2007) or Halloween (2018).  This hearing is presided over by the honorable Judge...

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Episode 235: Interview w/ Director D.C. Hamilton - The Fare

Join us as we talk to director D.C. Hamilton about his new film The Fare, available NOW on Amazon!

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Bloody Blog

Cemetery Columns: Blairstown NJ Home of Friday the 13th

For filming location hounds, the town that Friday the 13th(1980) calls “home” is essentially untouched.

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Slumber Party Massacre (1987) - Lance's Cheesy Reviews

  Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) Review by Lance Dale     Rating:  4/5 Juds   Have you ever been watching the movie Grease and thought, “I wish they would...

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Uncle Sam (1996) - Lance's Cheesy Reviews

Uncle Sam (1996) Review by Lance Dale     Rating:  2/5 Juds   It’s July. It’s America. Sweat is dripping from every pore and the smoke of last week’s fireworks...

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